Aug. 22nd, 2009

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mini-vacation #2 very good. Kelsey very tired. That is about all the energy and coherence I can muster up right now.

Except I will provide a short list of the top three vehicles most likely to contain assholes on 131:
1. Bright blue Dodge Ram pickup trucks
2. Black SUVS (especially ones from Ohio)
3. Any vehicle with a Hope College bumper sticker.*

Relatedly, the trick to having a vehicle-mounted rocket launcher would be, of course, to set it to point backwards, so that you would already be around the offending car before blowing it to bits. Because otherwise said car would just be rendered more inconvenient, really.

Also, either my father or my speedometer or his speedometer lies, because he was all "YOU DRIVE LIKE A MANIAC I WAS GOING 80 AND COULDN'T KEEP UP" and I had my cruise control at 75 most of the time... hrm.**

*Though this is #3 on the list, it was probably the variety of vehicle most likely to inspire lots of swearing, because they were all driven by those assholes who tailgate you and tailgate you and then pass you and then find somewhere impossible for you to get around and go 65, and then tailgate you once you manage to pass them, i.e. "those that should be shot".

**Also "hrm"-worthy: what the fuck is up with me and footnotes lately?


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