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So today I ventured out to follow up on one of the places where I'd interviewed and put in more applications at some other places. It was kind of raining, but I figured I'd tough it out. Put in an app one new place, then drove to the other end of the parking lot, so that I wouldn't get all rain-soaked and bedraggled, and stopped in at the one where I'd interviewed, which was nearby. Talked to the manager I'd had my second interview there with, who told me they were still finishing up the process and hadn't called anyone yet (yay! I was thinking I was totally out of the game...)

Walked back to my car. Umbrella died a horrific death thanks to wind. Thanks, wind. Folded it into something relatively compact, shoved it in the back seat, and went to start the car.

Car would not start.

Now, uh, I'd been driving around on almost empty for a few days. Admittedly a bad idea. But I'd driven much farther and much longer on empty before this, I thought I had a pretty good sense of how far I could push it with this car, so I was planning on stopping at the gas station up the road from where I was when I left.

.... Yeeeaaaaahhhhhh. Evidently my gas meter has gotten less sensitive. Um. Yeah. Never done THAT before.

Stupid stupid.

So I got to walk to the gas station instead, in a fucking monsoon + rush hour traffic on Oakland, pay $8 for a teensy gas can, fill it up, walk back to my car, figure out how to assemble the damn thing (STILL IN STUPID MONSOON), feed its contents to my car, and drive back to the gas station to fill up the rest of my tank. Went inside to wash my hands and the clerk felt bad for my bedraggled-looking self and bummed me a cigarette, after I bemoaned the fact that they don't sell the little half-packs here like in the UK... because damn did I want one after that, but did not want a whole pack of the things lying around, given that I pretty much quit 6 months ago and have no intention of re-starting. But some situations still call for a one, and "I just spent 20 minutes in the pouring rain in heels and dress pants and a nice sweater because I am an idiot who did not gas up my car soon enough" is one of those situations.

On my drive home, a car in the opposing lane went through a giant puddle, which splashed through my half-open car window, soaking me, and the inside of my car, and my half-smoked sympathy cigarette. Felt bad for the car and the cigarette. I was pretty much as soaked as possible already, so no real difference there.

... I am going to put on my pajamas and start drinking now. I think today has officially concluded, heh.
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