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Limbo limbo limbo. Would prefer A. something to be settled and B. monies, please.

I had an interview yesterday for a Real Job that I am grossly unqualified for but would very likely be great at, because it's the kind of thing I know I'll nerd out about and throw myself entirely into and I tend to not really fail at things like that. Guess I'll find out tomorrow if I'm getting a second interview. Other than that, I have three other offers.

Oh, and Real Job: Accounting Administrative Assistant at a large local housing management company.

And the part-time offers:

#1 - Icing (you know, one of those silly teen-ish accessory stores in the mall)
$8.05 an hour, not needed for peak holiday stuff, I'm more back-up.
Maybe discount? Don't care
Shift leader, not just random holiday help. Keys and all.
This one pursued me aggressively (I stopped in on a whim and had an interview time set up within 15 minutes) and unless Real Job wants me I am taking it, it's easy to work around any other job and shift leader = waaaay awesome for resume. Plus they already kind of gave me hours, starting on Sunday.

#2 - JC Penney
$7.75 an hour, more afternoons/evenings
20% discount on most stuff
Healthcare if I want it
Sales floor, cashiering - oh god, hell hell hell during the holidays
High probability of being kept on post-holiday

#3 - Target
$7.90 an hour, $8.40 an hour if I come in before 5 AM which is probably going to happen (but I actually kind of like working mornings, and it conflicts least with Icing)
10% discount
Healthcare if I want it
Morning stocking - wayyyyy less unpleasant, I really enjoy that sort of thing. Concrete results, fewer assy customers, etc.
BUT much slimmer chance of being hired on post-holiday, unless I am totally awesome, although I AM totally awesome and I would have every incentive to rock it to the best of my abilities.

So, yeah. Barring Real Job, #1 is go and I have to pick one from the other two. Both have pretty significant pros and cons. Not really sure which I'm going to go with -- but can't be both, they'll want me on the same days for sure.

Also starting different medication tomorrow, in attempt to be less goddamn zombified all the time. Normal energy levels: helpful!

Other than that, nothing new here. Which is sort of a shame. I am tired of wanting something to do, tired of feeling like I'm waiting around for something to happen.


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