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Work is going a little better. I hate the learning-how-to-do-everything part of new jobs -- I'm at that point where I know enough to know how much I don't know. I'm still trying to piece it all together. But I had things go wrong and didn't leave work in tears the last few days, so that was an improvement. 9 to 5 is weird too. And feeling sort of trapped in Kzoo. I'm already scheming about moving into a larger apartment when my lease is up just so that I have something to look forward to.

Went to Chicago for Thanksgiving... we had it at my cousin(ish)'s house. I wish I'd planned enough to manage to stay there and hang out Friday, there are a few people I could've seen, but c'est la vie -- went for a walk in the woods instead, which was nice. And then met my father's girlfriend's family, which was... terrifying, frankly, but they seem pretty okay. I like them better than I like her, I think. Missed meeting two of her daughters, though; evidently they showed up about 2 minutes after I left for the bar. I wound up out at the Getaway... lots of people I hadn't seen in ages. I'm in and out enough on weekends, I should try to make it down there more often. Sort of an odd bunch, I'd classify them generally as "bar friends", not actual friends... and I have some issues with some of the life decisions they make, and the people they're friends with, but sometimes you just want to be goofy and have fun and get drunk and they are good for that. So yeah. That was fun. Many things were fun last night, in fact.

This morning I made it home around 10, and then my father and I put up some Christmas decorations. A family friend bequeathed us a fake Christmas tree. We've always done real ones in the past, always always, but there was no tree at all last year, so we figured we'd break things in the easy way this year. At some point both of us just started laughing at the utter absurdity of it, though -- this BIG BOX OF TREE, all color-coded and whatnot, and it's so surreal and ridiculous to build a tree in our living room.

Now I am attempting to nap before I drive back to Kzoo. This has been your Boring Kelsey Update.


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