Jan. 8th, 2009

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I'm not generally a New Year's resolution person. Never have been. So the fact that I'm making personal changes at the start of the new year is purely coincidental.

I'm finishing off my PE credits with a two-unit class that requires us to log 2 hours of exercise a week. Not much at all, certainly, but more than I generally do. For a long time I had a trend of working out regularly during the summer and stopping during the school year because I was busy (in high school) or because I was busy AND self-conscious (college). Going to the YMCA back home with the soccer moms and old men was always a lot less menacing than the gym at college, where it is full of athletes and I feel like The Blob. But I live in Kalamazoo now, and the college gym is free, so this morning after my 8:30 I steeled myself and went. I almost had a panic attack trying to get in the door, but it was fine once I got there. So yeah. Going to keep doing that Tues/Thurs during my in-between-classes gap (one gets out at 10:20, one starts at 1:15), and maybe traipsing down over the weekend as well.

Hopefully one of these times there will either be someone who can show me how to use the weights there who doesn't look like a total cockbag, or no one there so that I can figure it out without feeling dumb. I got spoiled by the Y's weightlifting-for-dummies Nautilus circuit thing.

Also working out kind of makes you want to eat better by default. Something about deliberately burning off calories makes deliberately ingesting them right after feel ridiculous... so I think I'm going to Meijer after my afternoon class and buying some healthier stuff at least to pack for lunch. Also I don't really have anything packable for lunch anyway. Today I have a squashed peanut butter sandwich and some elderly clementines. Bleh.

So I'm doing that, and taking a creative writing class to try to break my brain of this whole either-ignoring-or-repressing-emotions thing, and yeah. I guess the new year is a convenient start point, but I think after the last 3-4 months and how last quarter ended I would probably be trying to do this anyway.


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