Aug. 4th, 2009

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Except the Charter guy came two hours early (since he was in the neighborhood) just as I was getting out of the shower, and so that was a mildly undignified moment.

Having no internet yesterday was good, though, as it prompted me to go into a setting-up-my-house frenzy and now it is 95% done, although I still need to sort out the bookshelf and a few other minor things. I somehow found storage for everything without having the under-bed option yet. Debating now whether I want to raise my bed or not -- if I do mattress AND box spring AND put it on top of the window seat, it is really going to be entirely absurdly high. The goal with elevating it was A. storage and B. get it out of the way so it takes over the room less, but if it's the tallest thing in the room it will dominate it possibly even more than it does by protruding an extra foot. I think ultimately there's no way around the fact that this living space is sort of tiny. Welcome visitors, look at my bed. Please ignore this room and continue on to the kitchen.

Because the kitchen, on the other hand, is massive and glorious and I suspect once I get wireless set up I will be in it constantly. I'm going to put a few things on the walls, but generally there's something very un-cluttered and calming about it that I simply can't accomplish in the other room. There's also the fact that my kitchen stuff is much newer, and therefore the whole thing is a little more tasteful-looking than my living room. Dark wood and white cabinets and fall-colored things, rather than green and gold and pink and black and shitty futon and stuffed octopi and tons of different patterns. It's sort of like half my apartment was furnished by a grown woman with good taste and half was furnished by a 16-year-old. There may be an inkling of truth to this statement.

...That is a lot of babbling, so in conclusion, if you are reading this, you should come to my new apartment and I will feed you wine and/or cook you dinner in my pretty kitchen. The end.


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