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Christmas party = not so bad. Thought it would be weird, but eh, everyone's been doing it so long that everything just sort of fell into place. Bree and I were a little more social downstairs in the past but eventually retreated upstairs to watch Twilight + Rifftrax, until this creepy neighbor guy who somehow got invited over came upstairs. After going in the bathroom and staying there for like 20 minutes and evidently smoking a cigarette in there and I won't ask what else, he came and lurked in the bedroom where we were hanging out. I don't think he was meaning to be as creepy as he was, it was plainly partially a case of being super drunk and not reading when people plainly want you to go away, but after 20 minutes of him standing there talking at us while we avoided eye contact and gave monosyllabic answers, we gave up and went downstairs. After I ran upstairs to check on my computer (I felt weird leaving it up there with shady dude, but turned out he was still standing weirdly in the corner when I poked my head into the room) my father asked what was up. We told him about Creepy Guy and he went up and led the guy out the door and sent him home. And then we went upstairs and finished our movie, heh. I guess we could've done it ourselves but it was sort of an awkward and creepy situation and he was not taking a hint. Subtle had failed and I was a little too weirded out to be unpleasant, so yeah.

Other than adventures in creepy dudes, though, it was good, I suppose. Music circle happened like always. Weird of the night: we pulled out my mother's guitar and her old duo partner Debbie decided to tune it up and play it, figured it'd be good for it. Um. It's been in the case since she died over a year ago, in the room of the house that gets the most severe temperature fluctuations (nothing awful, but it was my bedroom, so I'm pretty familiar with its weirdness). And it was not out of tune. At all. Slightly surreal.

Meant to drive home earlier today, but I nested in bed with cat and laptop and TV all day instead of doing so and suddenly it was 8 PM. And now I'm back in Kalamazoo and mildly grumpy and tomorrow morning is back to work and blah blah everything is always the goddamn same anyway but whatever, I guess I'll just go with it.
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