Jan. 21st, 2009

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stillllll unproductive. Seriously, someone give me a magical kick in the ass (and take away my cable).

I am too broke for the hairdresser (okay, well I probably COULD afford it, but the idea of spending that much money makes me all twitchy) but my roots are absurd so I think I'm going to go buy one of those color + highlights kits and make Alyssa help me with it. I figure I'll treat myself to a proper haircut/color/eyebrow waxing for my birthday in March... and hopefully my hair will have grown out some by then! I miss how long it was during fall.

Now it is time for presentation FAIL. Part of this is my fault, part of this is other people's. It doesn't help that one of our group members came to the first meeting but then was 0/2 on the others... aaargghhh.

(We are setting our play in the 20's. If Cait tries to make me dance the Charleston, I will kill her.)

Yesterday I went to bed at 4:30 AM, woke up at 8:40 AM having slept through my alarm (my creative writing workshop started at 8:30), was out the door to campus in 3 minutes, with no breakfast and no lunch packed and no money to get lunch, got to campus and printed my poem and made it to class by 9. Went to the gym after that and was there for two hours, watching the inauguration on an exercise bike. Then went to class. It was 2:30 before I managed to get any food in me... I'm honestly surprised I didn't pass out at some point.

I haven't been getting enough sleep lately.


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