Aug. 17th, 2009

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home again home again

for two seconds, anyway.

Was going to drive back yesterday, but I stopped in Traverse City and after antique-browsing and tasty dinner and ice cream the size of my head, Alice and I managed to talk each other's ears off until 9 PM, at which point I realized that driving home was probably a task best handled in daylight.

I'm getting more used to the lots-of-driving thing, and today was really pretty painless other than the idiots, but I am still in oh-I-just-got-home-time-to-sit-and-do-nothing mode, which ALWAYS happens, which is why I wanted to get home last night, but c'est la vie. Should haul self to gym. Lazy though. Surprise.

Fun fact: Having lived in an apartment where a non-stickered car can be towed within a few hours or minutes* means that leaving my car overnight in the lot of an apartment complex other than mine + garbage truck = waking up at 6:45 AM going "HOLY FUCKING SHIT WHAT IS THAT OH GOD BEEPING NOISES THUMPING NOISES METAL SCRAPING NOISES OH GOD WHAT'S GOING ON IS MY CAR STILL HERE AAAAHHHHH"

*I know, many apartments say this and do not mean it. But after that night where Bree and I put away an entire bottle of wine and then noticed that her car was gone and had to sober up (this was helped by panic, fortunately) and traipse over to the worst part of town and pay some toothless woman $120 to get it back... well, I tend to assume the worst.


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